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This app shows how people could use your social-media posts to find you in the physical world. It uses GPS data attached to Twitter and Instagram posts to create a map of where someone's been posting from recently.

Try to find yourself, your friends, or your favorite celebrity! Where are you most likely to be at 2:00 on a Tuesday?

Then follow the links and find out how to keep your social-media posts from giving your location away.

Disclaimer: This is an educational tool. It gathers publically available data and presents it graphically, to demonstrate the dangers of oversharing location data. While our tools don't do anything that someone who meant harm couldn't do anyway, using any one of a number of pre-existing tools that gather geotagged data, we sincerely hope no one uses our tools for anything other than educating themselves and others about the importance of protecting themselves from the potential damage or harm that could be done using any of those tools.